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Healthy Snacks

Lunch packs and snacks are of utmost importance throughout the day at school. The quality of the snacks taken can contribute to prevent diseases, help in the weight control, promote satiety, stimulate a well balanced physical and menthal development of the younger ones and at the same time makes them conscious about the correct choice of food items.

The snacks have as main priority to supply energy to our body, therefore we have to carefully plan them avoiding refined sugars and preserves, which have a very low nutritional value or simply do not have it at all. Not only do these items bring no fulfilment but they alson cause adiction and are harmful for the intelectual development of children and youngsters.

In order to help in the process of organizing the daily snacks for school, we will be suggestinga few possible combinations that be at the same time healthy, tasty and with relevant nutritional value.

The lack of time is not a good excese for not making conscious choices, and apart from the things we can do at home there are also a lot of healthy options ready to eat. for that reason when time is our enemy, we can always choose these other options.

For the next couple of weeks Joana Oliveira from Happiness and Food together with Merceria Bio, will be suggesting a few ideas that will make it easier to plan the school snacks (that are normally two a day, morning and afternnon snacks). And do not forget to always bring together with the snack packs a bottle of water, as it is always very important to keep your body well hydrated.

Suggestion 1:
Sleeping oats with fresh fruit* Corn galletes Organic peach nectar Delizum (no added sugar)
*To prepare the sleeping oat or the famous "overnight oats" you will need to place overnight the following ingredients in a lidded bowl:

3 soup spoons of oaty flakes

1/2 banana puréed

1 dessert spoon of chia seeds (optional)

100 a 120 ml of vegetable milk

Mix the ingredients and leave them in the fridge until the morning, when theoat will be ready to eat, all you have to do is to slice the other half of the banana and add it up as well as any other fresh fruit you may want to add before placing it in the lunch pack.

Suggestion 2:
2 fresh fruit varieties
Kookie cat cookye (different flavours available all of which without added sugar)
Organic carrot juice Delizum (no added sugar)

Suggestion 3:
Organic fruit puré Natura Nuova (different flavours available all without added sugar)
1 piece of fresh fruit in season
Raw carrot in sticks Organic Raw Roo'Bar (different varieties all without added sugar)

Suggestion 4:
Cherry tomatoes Raw carrot in sticks
Apple and peanut butter "sandwiches"
Rice and cocoa beverage (sweetened with rice jelly)
*To male the apple "sandwiches" you will need the following ingredients:
Slices of apple q.s.
Peanut butter q.s.

Spread the peanut butter on the apple slices and place another slice on top as we do with a sandwich. To make different combinations you can always add raw cocoa chips, coconut chips, cinnamon, etc..

You can also make it with cashew or almond spread or even with cocoa and hazelnut butter (healthy "Nutella")

For next week we will be presenting 4 new suggestions for healthy snack packs for the younger ones to take to school.

All the above mentioned products are available at Mrcearia Bio Café and online at The bioplastic lunch box is also available and it is an eco lunch box, as it is produced in bio plastic made from sugar cane and wax minerals. it is fully recyclable.

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