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who we are

The idea of trading organic food came along the year 2006.

We realized the growing concerns of people with their dietary habits and the search for na healthier diet, based on the consciousness that we are what we eat.

By then we had realized that it would mean a lot to us and our Family, we rolled up our sleeves and started this project from scratch in 2007.

From that moment till the present time, a lot has happened, but the most important was the development and growth that the organic market had and all the relationships we developed over this period of time, in Family, within the Team, with Producers and Suppliers, Customers, Partners and many Friends we made along the way.

We have grown in number of people - Family, Customers, Producers, Suppliers and Partners, in the product range and the services we make available and the distribution channels we use.

Our activity has for background right from the very beginning an identity that has not changed or transformed. The same values that were with us when we founded Mercearia Bio, are the same ones that guide our activity today:

- our focus is to trade certified organic products, with our first choice being local, followed by regional and national Producers, that fit in the certification requirement;

- our approach is totally directed to our Customers, making available the best products and most valued services, with a constantly increasing range of products, always trying to meet our Customers needs and requests;

- our organization has been growing steadily, but sustained in the same principles, with a participated management, centered in the contributes of our Team as a whole, both in the strategic decisions and the activities we carry out.

After over 10 years of activity we want to continue pursuing the path we have started, but always searching to improve the products and services we make available, together with a face and a smile.

It is Us, the people, that make Mercearia Bio!

Throughout the country we bring the organic grocery to you. At your doorstep or in ours, organic products with a friendly face and smile.

organic certification

The “Bio Desafios, Lda.”, company that owns the brand Mercearia Bio, has the License and Certificate nº AB0111UT for the storage and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables and transformed fruit and vegetables with ingredients 100% from organic farming, with labelling and advertisement with the indication “Organic Farming – Control System CE – Kiwa Sativa - PT/AB03”.

The “Kiwa Sativa – Unipessoal, Lda.” is the control and certification organism recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, from the Rural and Fishing Development, with the number PT/AB03, that certifies the activity of ”Bio Desafios, Lda.”. Copies of the licence and certifícate from “Bio Desafios, Lda.” for trading organic certified products can be delivered upon request.

our team

  • Our first associate, Myself, the narrator, Pedro Gonçalves.

    Born in Porto, from the 72 crop, after a career of over 15 years in the Hotel and Catering industry, in England, Brasil, Kazakhstan and Portugal, the Algarve is the chosen place to create roots and launch the Organic Grocery.

    In the Organic Grocery Pedro a multi task worker, besides many ideas, he is the full time grocer, at the Café, and he also receives goods and prepares the online orders at the warehouseonline.

    The Marketing and Communication, as well as the prospection of new products and projects are also part of his responsibilities.

  • Helena, born in Lisbon, in 67, came right after or at the same time. She is a graduated Graphic Designer and has been developing this activity mainly as a freelancer. She is the "mother" of our corporate image and has all the graphic design of the brand under her umbrella.
    br />She is also in charge of the social networks and the website of the Organic Grocery.

  • Nuno Sequeira joined us in 2009, with only 21 years old. He has grown up, a lot!

    His main vocation are our Customers. But he does a bit of everything, from preparing the orders to delivering them, attending at the Café and looking up for new products. He is also in charge of the Professional Customers.

    In the times to come he will be our Warehouse Manager, with all the purchasing and orders management under his supervision.

  • Ana António is in charge of our Finantial Department. The Human Resources are her responsibility, as the new projects development. She is also helping us out to organize what we have not yet been able to organize, by other words, mantain us all in the order, Customers included.

    Born in Lisbon back in 74, she has left her career of almost 20 years in banking to join our team in 2013.

  • Then came Rui Monteiro, the team benjamin, but already with a lot of responsibilities. He started as a trainee in Computer Systems Management and he stayed with us. He is in charge of all the company's hardware and the company's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), he assists Ana in the Finantial Department and he manages the Customers' orders as well as preparing and shipping them.

    He is based in the warehouse, but you can also see him at the Café whenver he is requested.

  • Vítor Santos, was fished back in 2015 He finished his training period with distinction and, because our regular Customers carry on supporting us and new ones come up every week the Organic Grocery is growing, and more hands are needed.

    Vitor is an "Alvoreiro" with a Northern accent, that has as his favourite hobby fishing. On week ends you can find him often in Alvor, fishing.

    In the Organic Grocery his main working place is the warehouse, where he deals with the goods and produce reception, general organization of the warehouse and preparation and the online orders dispatch for our Customers.

    Vitor is from the 59 crop, which makes him our more experienced Associate.

  • Fernanda, has joined the Team right in the end of 2018. She comes from the social work area, a very nobel one, dedicated many years of her professional life to the less socially favoured and the most excluded ones.

    Born in Germany, but still an Algarve natural born girl, from the seventies, 71 to be more precise.

    She is a Sociologist and will be "socializing" with our Customers at Mercearia Bio Café.

10 years have gone by since we started the Organic Mercearia and all together we are working to keep this project alive, watering it every day looking forward to see it sprouting, commited to continuously improve the freshness and quality of the products we make available for you.


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