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healthy snacks

With the end of the festive season and the return to daily routines, we leave you some more healthy suggestions, with some "little sins" in the middle, for snacks to be taken during the day. 
We have a new flavour from hollinger juice, apple, the coconut water from cocomi, or, once in a while, a lemonade soda from whole earth, with no added sugar, with agave syrup. Or even cereal drinks, rice with hazelnut or rice with cocoa, in 250ml packages. 
On the fruits, sliced apple slices with almond or peanut butter, sandwich type. Leave the peel on the outside of the sandwich to prevent oxidation. Sliced cucumber or sticks, I know it is not for everyone .... We have had great pears, rock variety, from the West and a very cool size, little ones, to eat with bites.
The energy bars I feel can be a bit too much at times, but cutting small slices or cubes of two or three varieties can work well.
Vivani's snack size chocolates are a good treat. The bars are 35 to 40 grams, maybe 2 or 3 squares, half, is the ideal portion.
The vida sadia cookies are very good to send, they come in boxes with 4 sachets of 4 units each. The new flavour is cocoa. Rookies cookies are also good and come in individual doses. The coconut biscuits from provida are really addictive, but 4 or 5 are already satisfying.
Then we have the sandwiches. This time we suggest a wrap spread with peanut butter from alcagoita or almond and carob butter from quinta da fornalha. The sliced banana makes this option even more satisfying.
Breakfast cereals are good to send in a box and eat dry. Provida's honey balls and bauck hof's chocolate balls are at the top of preferences at home.
Soon more suggestions to come!


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