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tailor made hampers for your company, family and friends

Mercearia Bio presents in its organic and eco range many, delicious, healthy and useful ideas for gifts that will make everyone happy.
Chocolates, wines, dried fruits are just some of the organic food products available, but there is also a range of sustainable and eco products, of cosmetics, personal hygiene and utensils for various purposes, of daily use, which can make a difference in the impact that each of us has in daily interaction with the planet.
Our suggestion is therefore to design an all organic, eco and sustainable basket tailored to each Company, Employee, Family or Friend, adapted to Your budget.
And, also available for offer, in the amounts of € 25, € 50 or € 100, the Mercearia Bio Vouchers. 

You can contact us for an inquiry to the email
We will need You to indicate the type of baskets and products you want, as well as the budget available for each basket.
We will try to reply briefly.
We have the most sustainable, useful and perfect gift for each Person!


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