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chapter 1 - é bio e bom: o que é um produto bio

Mercearia Bio has coproduced with Fátima from Quinta das Seis Marias, the series "É Bio e Bom" (it's organic and good), dedicated to organic products, healthy eating and sustainability.

This first series consists of 6 episodes, 3 shot at Quinta das Seis Marias, in Sargaçal, in Lagos, and another 3 at Mercearia Bio Café, in Portimão.

Our goal, in producing this series, was to create educational and pedagogical material for 1st and 2nd cycle students aged between 6 and 12 years, to be made available on the You Tube Channel of Mercearia Bio for schools and other educational institutions.

They are very short episodes, with a duration that varies between 2 and 3 minutes, to be easy to present and light to see. They are free to access and share.

These episodes are a way of awakening children to the importance of the origin of what we eat and how we produce it, but we want them and their Tutors to go further.

This can be the motto for a visit to a farm, preferably organic, for a research for more information on the sunbject, for the launch of a pedagogical vegetables garden, for a visit to the neighborhood grocery store or to large stores searching for products of local origin. and for so many other challenges that may have their departure point here.

Ourselves will be eager to support and help to boost the initiatives that can be enriched with our contribution, thus materializing the educational and social aspect that we assume as a commitment in our activity!

1st chapter

2nd chapter

3rd chapter
4th chapter

5th chapter


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