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Cherry and cheese curd mini bureks

ingredients (2 mini bureks)

1 large cheese (I used sheep)

10-12 ripe cherries

1/2 spoon (soup) of chia seeds

1 spoon (dessert) of poppy seeds

2 spoons (soup) of orange blossom honey

4 large sheets of filo pastry

1 lime

olive oil

sliced almonds


Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Brush with oil a rectangular baking container. To reserve.

Pit the cherries and cut them in halves and/or quarters. To reserve.

Crush the cheese with a fork, add one tablespoon of honey, the lime zest and a few drops of lemon juice, and mix well. Then wrap the chia seeds and cherries. To reserve.

Open the phyllo dough on the counter and put the 4 overlapping sheets. Cut in half lengthwise creating two rectangles that will form the two bureks. Brush each sheet with oil and sprinkle with a little poppy seeds, putting another sheet on top. Repeat this process until you finish with the filo pastry.

Spread the sheets for the filling, leaving a margin-free mass around the entire circumference, and "water" filling with the rest of the honey.

Gently roll the dough to form a long roll, pressing the edges to prevent the filling from escaping. Then start to curl the roll on itself, creating the effect of a snail or spiral. It is essential to be very careful as this dough is very fragile and easy to tear. After the snail is completed, transfer it into a baking dish - mould or plate - previously greased with olive oil.

If there are small cracks, use mass pieces to cover them, patch type. When cooking they will cling to the rolled dough smoothly.

Brush the bureks with oil and sprinkle with a little poppy seeds and sliced ??almonds.

Spread pieces of cherry around and bake for about 20-25 minutes, until the pastry is golden brown and firm. If it starts burning protect with aluminum foil until it is ready.

Remove from oven, allow it to cool and serve.

Note: It is a dish that tastes better fresh due to the nature of the cheese curd.

This recipe was prepared for the Organic Grocery by pela Susana, from basta cheio. here

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