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new school year, healthy snacks suggestions

We have selected some of the most suitable products to send snacks to school and thus facilitate the programming and preparation task that we, Parents, have to perform on school days.
Juices and purees, to accompany a snack - black hollinger grape nectarmulti hollinger sunrise nectarnatura nuova pear puree - or a pear, apple and banana puree with quinoa, a complete snack in itself. For a change we can also send small packages of cereal drinks, just rice or rice with coconut.
Fruits and vegetables are always a good option. Carrots in small sticks, we can even leave the skin, washing and brushing well with a coconut fiber brush suitable for food, and thus becoming more nutritious. Cherry tomatoes, easy to eat and prepare, just wash.
The apple is also a nutritious and fresh choice, but with a small problem, for children who do not like to "gnaw" it. Cut in quarters and pass a little lemon to avoid oxidation, or slice and spread with Aljezur peanut butter, like small sandwiches. Bananas are also very practical.
Kookie Cat cookies, several flavors, we highlight two, the orange pineapple and the nut with cocoa chips.
Spelt little cookies, at home are very appreciated, put a few in a small box.
Then we have the sandwiches or bread with spreads. The "milk" bread with soy drink, just a little butter or a nougat cream, chocolate based.
A small chocolate bar, from time to time, can also be an option. We have several flavors in 35/40 gram formats.
And many other options were left out, cereals, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables ...
Soon more suggestions to come!


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