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Sun protection - why Organic?

Large days, temperature rising and a great desire to spend time outside, especially now! Whether on the beach, in the countryside, on a simple walk outdoors or on our balcony, it is essential to protect our skin. If you are going to purchase a sunscreen for the new season, make a conscious choice.

There are two types of sunscreens: chemical and physical. The former have in their composition synthetic products, which act as a protective barrier when absorbed by our skin, and are mostly composed of petroleum derivatives. Physical protectors are composed of natural substances, such as titanium dioxide or aluminum hydroxide, which form a protective layer on our skin, reflecting the sun's rays, and are therefore not absorbed by it.

Organic sun protection only uses physical protectors (or minerals), and the use of nano particles is not allowed. These particles allow the sunscreens to merge with our skin, leaving no residue. However, in this process, the chemicals that make up the sunscreen are absorbed by our body. Therefore, when we use an Organic sunscreen, it is natural that there is a thin whitish layer on our skin. It is this barrier that will protect us, reflecting the sun's rays. When placing an Organic sunscreen, its effect is immediate, unlike conventional sunscreens that must be applied 30m before sun exposure.

In our store you will find Alphanova sunscreens, certified by Ecocert, through Cosmos Organic, the organic certification seal for cosmetic products. Alphanova, is a brand produced in France, which uses mineral filters in its formulas and is free of alcohol and parabens. Ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil and tamanu are also used, which help to take care of our skin, while protecting it. The formulas include UVA and UVB protection and are waterproof.
Take a look at our store, and you will find formulas suitable for everyone (babies, children and adults) and for all occasions (beach, sports, travel).
Last but not least, Organic sun protection, as it is made with natural products, is biodegradable, contributing to the preservation of the Oceans and Coral Reefs.


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