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mercearia bio café gift voucher

For this festive season a gift suggestion that is 100% guarantee of success:

The Mercearia Bio Café Gift Voucher

A voucher with an amount to suit your budget and that can be used by the person receiving to buy whatever the ouShe/He wants, certified organic. Wine, olive oil, chocolates, toiletries and cosmetics, or just what you need for everyday life, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, rice, pasta and much more. And still have lunch or just a snack at the Grocery Bio Cafe.

Mercearia Bio Café Gift Vouchers are available at Mercearia Bio Café and are intended for on-site purchases and may not be used for purchases at the Mercearia Bio online store.


fortnight cosmetics - urtekram daycreams

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Oatmeal porridge with lemon, almond and cinnamon

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