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Environmental Policy Mercearia Bio Café

Mercearia Bio Café has recently received the Green Key award for the good practices that we develop daily, observing the sustainability of the planet.
We therefore want to share with our Customers and Consumers, in general, our Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy Mercearia Bio Café

The starting point we have chosen was organic food, the quality of what we eat matters, as much as it matters how we produce what we eat.
Our concern with the environment and the practices we adopt as a way of interacting and preserving are defined in two easy-to-follow lines. The first is how we live and position ourselves on the planet, we as a Team and Families, and the second is how we interact and influence our Customers, Business Partners and Friends, adopting environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyles and practices .

Waste generated

Assuming that it is not possible to eliminate the waste we generate on a daily basis, our concern is to reduce waste production, overlapping the will to reuse and encourage reuse, the creation of clean waste however exists and be more and more widespread, so that the impact of their disposal is the smallest possible.

We seek to change our lifestyles and influence our audiences to do so, so that we can focus our efforts on designing a daily life that generates less waste.


The resources that are put at our disposal, such as water, electricity, clean air, nature and everything it provides us, must be preserved, while maintaining a responsible and minimalist consumption, in order to allow the enjoyment of these resources. resources equitably.

Community and local economy

We chose as preferential Partners those closest to us geographically, because this way we return to the Local Economy what we withdraw from it, constituting this proximity as a factor of preservation of the environment.

We seek to make known local and regional production, local commerce, including and integrating the Partners that are positioned in our area of business, tourism and landscape points of interest, culture and society, the media, thus creating a network that has as its starting point our Families, which extends to our Team, Producers and Suppliers, our Customers, our Business Partners and Friends. The best Partners are our neighbours.

For us as important as doing our part to maintaining the planet's health is to influence and help others to do so with the same commitment.


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