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My "Super Foods" .... Oleaginous Fruits

Important to be aware of that…

Nuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pine nuts, pistaccios, macadamia, brazil nuts and the others alike ... are oleaginous fruits .... "Good" oils abound in these dried fruits !!!!  Walnuts are the "fattest", pine nuts the most proteic, peanuts the richest in fibers, hazelnuts the richest in anti-oxidants and pistaccios we are always eager to eat they are the champs in carbohydrates.

As for me ... the only mistake to point out in the Portuguese Food Wheel is the absence of oleaginous fruits, that is somehow fulfilled by the daily reference in the Mediterranean Food Pyramid !! Being a natural advocate of a diet based on the conjugation of these two instruments, education and food guidance, it is not such a serious "thing" !!!!

The richness of oleaginous fruits in proteins and in a very extensive variety of vitamins and minerals, together with leguminous plants, make them a "mandatory" presence in the daily diet of those who opt to reduce or eliminate the consumption of foods of animal origin!!!

The oleaginous fruits are addictive ????

YEAH!!! But nothing like bringing along with us a jar with just the right amount for the day ... 😉

The oleaginous fruits ....

Are a subgroup of dried fruits. The other subgroup are the dehydrated fruits, which result from fresh fruit subject to a dehydration process (raisins, dehydrated apricot, plum and dried figs, etc.).

Are energetic foods items, quite complete from a nutritional and satiating point of view. Therefore ... food of excellence for balanced snacks, complete breakfasts and salads super tasty !! Rich in protein, unsaturated fats (such as omega-4 fatty acids), fibers, vitamins (E, D and complex B), minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium and sodium) carbohydrates, especially sugars.

Consumed with balance they have several beneficial effects on human health, such as:

       - Weight control

       - Control of blood sugar levels

       - Intestinal function regulator

       - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

       - Cholesterol control and balance

       - Stimulating brain function

       - Bone Strengthener

       - Male enhancement of the sexual function

As "superfoods" that they are, small daily amounts are needed to match nutritional requirements and, on average, two tablespoons of these fruits per day are sufficient. They can be higher in situations of increased needs (sportsmen, vegans, anemias, ...). But beware, excessive consumption can result in situations of weight gain, increased triglycerides, heartburn, gastric and intestinal discomfort and even toxicity (due to selenium content).

Packaged or in bulk? The best thing is to get them still in bark and prepare them close to the time or day they are to be consumed. Never fried, salted or caramelized, preferably raw. When roasted or cooked at high temperatures, in addition to the oxidation of some of its vitamins, there is also loss of dietary fiber, increase in the amount of sugars and transformation of fats, making them toxic. They should be stored in a cool, dry place for periods of time not exceeding 6 months to prevent them from becoming rancid.

Should be introduced in infants only from the age of 24 months, since in children more sensitive, they are signaled as potentially allergenic foods. However, faced with the need of alternatives to cow's milk, the almond drink and other oilseeds have been increasingly used as an option in infant feeding since the first year of life. It is very important that the food introduction of oleaginous fruits is highly monitored, as well as their consumption in children pf more advanced ages, since they are food items with which they can easily choke!! A good strategy is to cut them into tiny pieces or laminate them just before you offer them.


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