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The First Dozen of Mercearia Bio

We are completing this Friday, the 31st May, 12 years of Mercearia Bio.

Our project started in 2007 and has been a very tasty and challenging way to live up to the name we have chosen for the company - Bio Desafios, translated into English – Organic Challenges.

But like every trekking we have had our climbs and obstacles, which we have overcome with a lot of perseverance, joy and Team.

This path has been filled with people, Team, Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Producers. Many have been by our side since we first started.

Myself, Pedro, Ana, Founding Partner, and Helena, Designer and "Mother" of our image, the three right from the beginning, like many Customers and Partners.

Nuno, who will complete 10 years, right from the beginning with all his dedication and commitment, and an incomparable sympathy, also with many skills acquired and developed along the way.

Rui joined later, he had not even turned 18 years old, but already a Grown Man. One of these days we will share some funny photos of him when he was only 17…

Vítor, the Alvoreiro Pescador with pronunciation of the North, who is the most mature of us all.

Tatiana, who is now Part, but was already Full, and that we continue to feel like an full part of our Team.

Fernanda who joined us recently, in the end of 2018, but who is already part of our Team / Family and, according to her friends, became even younger with the air that we breathe at Mercearia Bio.

And all those who have already dedicated a part of their professional lives to Mercearia Bio and whom we miss, Artur, Ricardo, Pedro, Laura, Joana, the neighbour and supplier, Fernando, and the many trainees who have had along the way.

If inside each of the twelve eggs, we have chosen to illustrate this date, as many as the years of Mercearia Bio, there was a good memory of our history to share, the twelve eggs would not be enough!


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