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contacts mercearia bio

address Mercearia bio café

Rua das Comunicações Edificio Casa do Rio Loja C 8500-657 Portimão


Latitude: 37.1359787933397 (37º 8' 10'' N) Longitude: -8.535607159137726 (8º 32' 8'' W)


282 476 439

mercearia bio cafe opening hours:

mondays: 10h-19h tuesday to friday: 9h-19h saturday: 9h-17h   sundays and public holidays closed   25th and 31st december: 9h-16h 26th december and 2nd january open

online orders:

282 476 686 967 320 206

sales contacts:

Pedro Castro Gonçalves: 961 563 777   Nuno Sequeira: 927 420 701

general email: CONTACT US

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tuesdays at 1pm nutrition talks at the café

Starting in February 2019 we will be having at ...

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vegetarian beans hamburger

For me, to start off a great meekend means havi...

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282 476 686 or 967 320 206
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