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Have you peeked the NVEY products?
Have you peeked the NVEY products?

Mercearia Bio has just got a range of face care products organically certified, although the brand was born only in 2005, it has been leading the organic cosmetic innovating with methods and techniques that bring the "green cosmetic" into a new baseline.

The Australian brand, available in more than 30 countries, is focused in high performance results, that care and nourish the skin in a more effective manner, without the resource of agressive chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals, sinthetic fragrances, among others. Products are not tested on animals ans the production is made out of natural and organic raw material, in order to give you and the environment the best experience.

Mercearia Bio has chosen 2 NVEY ranges: Intensif and Delicat.

Intensif focus in the aging signs and concentrates in restructuring collagen fibres and elastin, making the flacid tissues become firmer, revitalizing the cellular activity, strengthen the support tissue and repairing the ideal levels of hidratation and skin elasticity.

Delicate has been developed with specific ingredients to help relieving sensitive skin and more sensitized by the action of aggressive factors such as stress, pollution, excessive solar exposure and others that cause a general discomfort to your face. With anti inflammatory properties, this range calms down, smooths and nourishes.

Both product ranges have a cleaning lotion available, a tonic and a moisturizing cream.

Try them out!

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